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    5 Home Improvements That Will Pay Off When Selling Your Anchorage, Alaska Home

    chimney-chimenea-3-1254536-mWith the busy summer season coming up, more and more Alaskan homeowners will begin to feel the desire to move on to a new home and take the steps toward listing. However, if the home doesn’t grab buyer interest with updates, curb appeal or even certain features, they may decide to cross the property off of their list.

    Plan a weekend (or two!) to get your home in order prior to listing and in turn, avoid any opportunity for a buyer to pass over your Alaskan property. The following are five excellent home improvement ideas that pay off at resale and those that homebuyers may actually be willing to pay more for— they could just help your Anchorage home stand out this season!

    Mat-Su Valley area homebuyers will take notice of a fireplace in a property on their must-see list— more than one fireplace is even better! While the weather is indeed warming up, fireplaces are one home feature Alaskan buyers are willing to pay more for to enjoy during those long, cold winter months.

    Updated Appliances
    The kitchen and the bathroom are two places where homebuyers tend to focus their attention. Buyers may not mind so much about older cabinetry, but outdated fixtures and appliances do tend to stick out. If you’re hoping to appeal to the majority of homebuyers in the Anchorage, Alaska area this spring and summer, consider swapping out your old appliances for new— a new survey shows 41% of buyers are willing to pay more for them!

    Prior to listing your home, your carpets should be cleaned. However, know that many of today’s homebuyers are intrigued by hardwood floors! They are easier to keep clean than carpets if you have children or like to entertain in your Alaskan home and quickly give a boost to spaces that might be in need of an easy update.

    Eat-In Kitchen
    If you’re planning a small kitchen remodel before listing your Anchorage, AK home, consider adding an island or eat-in area to the space. Homebuyers in today’s real estate market are looking for kitchens that either look into entertainment rooms or have a large, open plan that allows for both cooking and dining. What’s more, 48% of buyers reported they would pay additional money for a kitchen island in their new home.

    New Countertops
    You may have already updated your appliances in the kitchen and given your cabinets a fresh coat of paint, but what about the countertops? 55% of buyers reported newer countertops were an important factor in their home search. This home update does not have to be an expensive one, but one that gives your space a fresh look and buyers what they’re looking for.


    By working with Northern Edge Real Estate, you can be assured we will sell your Anchorage, Alaska home at a price you are happy with. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about listing your property in Anchorage or the Mat-Su Valley— we know the upcoming months can get hectic and we’re here to help!

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