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    5 Reasons to Sell Your Anchorage AK Home During the Holidays

    When you think about the holiday hustle and bustle—decorating, shopping, traveling, gatherings with friends and family—the last thing on your mind may be selling your Anchorage AK home. It is one of the busiest times of year and like many homeowners, you could catch yourself wondering if buyers are even looking for homes during these colder months. As your local Anchorage real estate expertsNorthern Edge Real Estate is here to tell you that they are!

    While spring and summer tend to have better weather for hopping from showing to showing, the holidays can be an opportune time to list your Alaska home for the following reasons:

    Buyers are relocating
    Think about the buyers that will be relocating before the start of the new year to begin new jobs. Now is the time that they will start searching for available properties in the Anchorage area. If you hold off on listing your Alaska home until the spring, you could miss this category of buyers entirely!

    Buyers are serious
    Buyers that are in the real estate market during the holiday season are both motivated and serious— they’re ready to buy a home now! Just as homeowners have the mindset that the warmer months are a better time to sell, so do many buyers, which is why you can be certain those currently home shopping have a significant reason or motivating factor behind them!

    Buyers are still searching
    If Alaska buyers did not find the perfect home in the past few months, they are still searching! Not to mention, buyers are constantly shopping for homes, no matter the season, be it on their smartphones or via property alerts in their email. Don’t hold back on selling your home because you think buyers aren’t out there—now is a great time to list!

    Competition is lower
    Housing inventory has been trending on the lower side and during this time of year, you will tend to have less competition than you would by listing in the spring or summer. By listing your home now, you are allowing your property to stand out amongst the few other listings out there. When you list during the busier seasons, you could risk your home getting lost in the wave of new inventory that will hit the market.

    Your home shows well
    During the holiday season, properties tend to be well-decorated and thus, show better than other times of year. What’s more, emotions run high during the holidays and buyers are looking for a cozy, inviting, warm home where they can envision their own traditions taking place in future years. Adding simple decorations and tasteful lights can help evoke those holiday feelings and could land you a deal!

    If you’re ready to sell your Alaska home and move on just in time for the new year, give us a call today! Our expert team at Northern Edge Real Estate is on hand to help you find your home value, walk you through preparations for the real estate market, and find the best buyer for your property!

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