Commercial Properties

    Alaska’s Commercial Real Estate Market

    Over the past few years Alaska has become one of the premier locations in the country to start a business. The extensive natural resources, tourism and water access are only a few of the elements that make Alaska a fantastic place to do business. The real estate market has been forecasted as one of the best of the next decade and investing in commercial properties now is an excellent opportunity.

    While there is ample industry in Anchorage, the market for commercial property in Wasilla and Palmer is much less developed, but growing quickly. There has been a large influx of families moving to the area and as a result there is a high demand for business owners to start up further amenities. Both large and small companies, headquarters and startups are welcome in the Alaskan business scene.

    In the past years, tourism, wood production, steel, agriculture and small business have seen a steady rise. Job growth in these sectors has seen continual growth bringing more and more people to Alaska to find a work-life balance.

    Strategically, Alaska is the center of the world.  Anyone who has played RISK knows that.  Although, congress dances around reducing the military presence in Alaska from time to time, it always ends up to be just politics.  It would be crazy to draw down our Alaska military presence in today’s world climate.

    Commercial properties in Anchorage, Wasilla and Palmer are varied and unique due to Alaska’s location. Extensive incentives combined with Alaska’s ports and commercial classifications continue to foster a wonderful business environment.

    Perfect For: Dedicated Business Owners With a Sense of Adventure

    Whether it’s the sunny days of summer or the dark days of winter, there are numerous opportunities to explore the world and resources in your own backyard. Workshops, cultural events and local activities provide your family with a variety of chances to exhibit your adventurous side during and after work. 

    Wasilla and Palmer are both the focus of buyers looking for more space and a lifestyle closer to the outdoors. These areas provide ample space and room to grow for both residential and commercial properties. Investing now would provide an opportunity for your business to grow over time and with the surrounding community along with making a financial move in the right direction.

    How Can We Help You? 

    As past military members and business owners ourselves, we have been through the process of working and opening a business in Alaska. We are the experts and can help you find not only the perfect space for now, but for your future business growth.