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    Welcome to Eagle River, AK!

    One of America’s last frontiers is found right in Eagle River, AK. This beautiful and natural oasis is encompassed by the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness. It is found between two of Alaska’s river valleys. This community gives residents the opportunity to live the rugged life of a nature enthusiast and experience the modern conveniences of a city resident. It is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Alaskan countryside where you will find many exotic, native animals like lynx, wolverine, fox, bears (brown and black), moose and, the most famous and respected, bald eagle. You will love the natural amenities of this area that gives you a healthy taste of the past and the present.


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    Public Transportation: Moving People

    The public transportation system in Eagle River, AK has a mission to provide quality transportation to all residents. The mode of transportation that is used throughout Eagle River, AK is mainly a bus system. The transportation system called People Mover is comprised of over ten routes. You will find it to be very easily accessible for your traveling needs. The Department of Public Transportation provides a variety of information that you will need to make your trips effective and timely. They provide a list of schedules and maps to help you plan your trip. They also have rider tools to make your planning easier and more precise.

    The system also caters to people with unique accommodations. They have 52 specially equipped buses to provide the special comforts necessary to move the paratransit rider. Seniors will also enjoy the special attention that they receive from this department. The department provides shared rides for riders over 60 years old.

    The public transportation department is determined to keep their system up-to-date and functioning as a quality service for the public. They have several improvement projects that they have planned. They continue to look at how they can improve themselves to provide quality service for the people for whom they serve.

    There is also a six-lane highway which facilitates commuters from Eagle River to Anchorage. The Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions has many plans in place for the upkeep and improvement of the transportation system. And other information is available regarding unique modes of transportation through the Eagle River/Anchorage area.


    Eagle River’s Real Estate Market

    Nestled between majestic landscapes, Eagle River, AK has single family homes and condominiums available. The homes you will find here are moderately priced and range from single-level to multi-level. The ages of the available homes range from historic to new construction. The lot sizes for homes in Eagle River are quite spacious and leave plenty of room to grow. The condominiums also provide plenty of space for singles or a family that is looking for a little less responsibility.


    Distinguished Schools in Eagle River, AK

    The secondary education system excels in educating children and preparing them for their post-secondary education. The University of Alaska Anchorage is close to home for students and offers the same excellence in education as the secondary education system offers.


    You’ll Enjoy: Natural Beauty and a Customized Lifestyle

    Excellence is an underlying characteristic of Eagle River. Not only will you find excellence as a value for public services and education, but also in every corner of nature that you encounter as a resident of Eagle River. You will first notice the excellence in the city planning and how the neighborhoods are neatly and efficiently constructed. These, however, are all man-made examples. The most striking impressions in Eagle River arrive as you move outside of the urban areas.

    Nature takes over the show outside of the city limits and you will be enveloped by the natural wonders of this beautiful region. Thunderbird Falls is one of the majestic areas that is located north of Eagle Point. You can enjoy a short, mile hike to the falls and spend time being woed by its powerful energy. History and nature are abound at Eklutna Village Historical Park. This park is more than a natural beauty it acts as a pioneering museum. The oldest building in Anchorage can be found here and influences from the Russia are also seen throughout this area. South Fork Falls is another natural beauty. It has a walking/hiking trail that runs along the South Fork Eagle River. It winds through deciduous trees and forests creating endless outdoor hiking opportunities and adventures.


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    The Lifestyle: Outdoor Infused and Family Oriented

    Eagle River does experience harsh Alaskan winters that oftentimes relegate family activities to the indoors, but this town entertains families all year round. The whole community is tight-knit and welcomes newcomers. There are several festivals and events throughout the year in Eagle River providing for fun and entertainment for all ages.


    The Workforce:  Commuter Community Combined with Industrial Input

    This rapidly growing community has a large military presence. About 21 percent of the people who live in Eagle River have been or are currently involved with the military. The city supports and encourages economic development and diversity. It has become, in recent years, a retail hub for surrounding communities.

    Eagle River’s economy is tied to Anchorage because it is intertwined in that community as well. The major industries include: construction, health care, public administration and educational services.


    Why Live Here: Natural Wonders and Excellence in All Directions

    Eagle River has so much to offer residents of its community. They strive for excellence in everything and why can you blame them? They are surrounded by inspiring natural beauty. With ample real estate opportunities to buy or customize your own home, this area provides endless resources to create the perfect Alaskan residence.