Girdwood / Turnagain Arm Real Estate

    Welcome to Girdwood!

    Girdwood is located in the southwestern Chugach Mountains, near the end of the Turnagain Arm— one of the two branches of Cook Inlet. The beautiful Alaskan landscape, including several glaciers, surrounds the South Anchorage community, all the while boasting close proximity to the many amenities of downtown.

    Girdwood, originally called “Glacier City,” was founded in the late 1800’s as a haven for miners during the gold rushes of Turnagain Arm and earned a reputation as a small, quiet community. However, Girdwood has since formed into a destination for skiing and snowboarding at Alyeska Resort, as well as summer activities like hiking and fishing.


    Public Transportation: Glacier Valley Transit

    Glacier Valley Transit (GVT) serves Girdwood year-round. The GVT shuttle service follows a fixed route from the Hotel Alyeska to the Tesoro gas station and includes stops at Alyeska View Ave, the community center and U.S. Forest Service.


    Girdwood is also easily accessible by train and via the Seward Highway by car. On the scenic drive along Turnagain Arm, you can spot the Chugach and Kenai Mountains, as well as wildlife like Dall sheep, bear, eagles and even whales.


    Girdwood’s Real Estate Market

    Whether you desire a townhouse, single family home or vacant land to build your dream, you can find it in Girdwood. Homes in the area range in age from mid-century to new construction and provide ample square footage to both single buyers looking for more space or families ready to expand.


    Distinguished Schools in Girdwood/Turnagain Arm


    You’ll Enjoy: Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking and More

    The Girdwood/Turnagain Arm community is idyllic for anyone who enjoys the great Alaskan lifestyle. Along the slopes of Mount Alyeska, Alyeska Resort provides the perfect setting for skiing and snowboarding. In the area’s many creeks and nearby rivers, you can fish salmon and trout, head out on a rafting adventure or take advantage of the Alaskan terrain with a scenic hike.
    The Girdwood Forest Fair is also a popular attraction held every July and remains the community’s most-visited aside from activities at Alyeska Resort.