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    Welcome to Midtown Anchorage, AK!

    Join the party! This inclusive, friendly town is full of adventurers who love engaging with each other, having a good time, appreciating the beauty of the natural world and listening to the needs of their community. Whether you’re a young professional looking for like-minded friends, an adventurer seeking a new world or industry to explore or looking for a perfect spot to raise a family, Midtown Anchorage is certainly a great place to consider.
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    Public Transportation: Ahead of the Curve

    While some large American cities are still becoming aware of the need for public transportation, Anchorage’s voters have been supporting the localPeople Mover bus system since 1973. Fourteen regular routes serve the Anchorage and Eagle River area, and local programs that supplement these buses include AnchorRIDES, a free shared ride services for seniors and the disabled, and Share-A-Ride, which helps coordinate commuter carpools. If you or someone in your family have unique needs, contact the City of Anchorage or the People Mover bus program to learn more about what areas are covered and how the services work before making your selection for a Midtown Anchorage home.

    Midtown Anchorage’s Real Estate Market

    Homes across Anchorage vary widely in age and size, depending on the neighborhood. Some sections of town are mostly filled with studio-sized or one- and two-bedroom apartments, particularly due to the high concentration of seasonal residents and students; others are predominantly made up of single-family homes of more medium size, generally built in the 1960s or 1970s. In a couple of areas, there is a wide selection of styles of high-class luxury homes, generally built during the 1990s, which may have four to five bedrooms or more. Most neighborhoods enjoy a very low population density, and as such are much quieter than most American cities.

    Options for properties include bay and other waterfront views, condos and small homes near the city center, privacy in the foothills, and much more. Consulting a professional to help you with your real estate search is essential for Anchorage more than even many other cities, since properties vary widely in value, condition and characteristics.

    Distinguished Schools in Midtown Anchorage, AK

    You’ll Enjoy: Coastal Couture, Culture and Cuisine

    The rich and varied city of Anchorage offers residents an impressively broad spread of attractions and entertainment.

    • Tony Knowles Coastal TrailThis famous 11-mile trail is open year-round, and is easy enough to allow running, rollerblading, biking or any preferred trail activity that you’d like to do on the beautiful Alaska coast.
    • Anchorage MuseumThe Anchorage Museum offers fun and education for everyone, newcomer and local alike. Not just for enthusiasts of the state, the Anchorage Museum is a great place to learn about all kinds of natural and anthropological history, in the Arctic and worldwide.
    • Fire Island Rustic BakeshopThis mom-and-pop shop in South Anchorage is locally and widely renowned for its breads, cookies, granolas, sandwiches and treats of all kind.
    • Acai AlaskaAlaska’s diverse population includes much representation from Hawaii, including the delicious fruit, juice, and smoothie bar that is Acai Alaska.
    • Anchorage Market and FestivalThis is the best way to see your city and eat it, too! This recurring weekend festival showcases the best of Anchorage’s food, crafts, vendors, organizations and activities.

    Midtown Anchorage, AK Utilities

    The Lifestyle: Rugged Terrain Filled with Friendly People

    Alaska’s wild terrain and high-intensity industries attract a diverse spread of very committed and educated residents. Day-to-day life in town is quiet during the day, with the flavor of a rural mountain town, but Anchorage balances this with a reasonably urban evening life, due to the demands of its generally young population. Anchorage has a high percentage of residents who are single, hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, and who are moving upward rapidly in their careers; this makes it an ideal place for educated young professionals to socialize and network with each other.

    Residents have high expectations of their government and local resources, including having very high standards for schools. The charter school community thrives in Alaska, cultivating an environment of intelligent young thinkers. Additionally, residents enjoy the lessons learned from being part of a culturally rich area since Anchorage is filled with a deep native heritage combined with traditions from abroad.

    The Workforce: Adventurous, Ambitious Achievers

    The economy in Alaska centers heavily around natural resource extraction and movement, but the pioneering population of the hip Anchorage area doesn’t stay pigeonholed in any one industry. Along with the administrative work available at the business centers of natural resource companies, Anchorage’s thriving tourism and hospitality industries and demand for high-quality schools create a vast array of job types in Anchorage. Top employers near Midtown Anchorage include:


    Why Live Here: Midtown Anchorage Plays Host to the New and Improved American Dream

    Anchorage residents are a snowball of success. This city embodies the frontiersman nature of the United States, and is a wonderful place to seek new adventures, find friends, raise children, get away from it all for a while, or just live a productive and successful life. Don’t stay stuck in the regular grind; learn more about moving to Midtown Anchorage today. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.