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    Alaska isn’t called the Last Frontier for nothing. Opportunities are endless to build your lifestyle exactly the way you want it, and your home is no different. Since Alaska has been projected as one of the best real estate markets of the future, the time is now to build if you are interested in customizing your Alaskan home. Below we delve into why new construction is a fantastic opportunity in Alaska right now.

    New Construction

    Alaskan Lifestyle

    No matter if you live in Anchorage, the Mat-Su Valley, Fairbanks or North Pole, Alaska has properties of all types in order to meet your needs. Whether they are on a river, bay, mountain or are siting right on the ocean, Alaska’s properties don’t hold back when it comes to exploring natural beauty. One of the best parts of living on the “Last Frontier” is finding an ample amount of land still available in case you want to customize your home to specific preferences. In order to explore the true potential of your Alaskan dream home make sure to consider new construction either from the ground-up or in one of the area’s newer developments.


    Current Real Estate Market

    Right now is a great time to purchase a new construction home in Alaska. The market is at the cusp of a rebound swing and this means exceptionally affordable prices, especially for new construction. Since prices are higher compared to the rest of the United States right now, this is a good opportunity to buy before the prices continue to rise.

    New construction homes offer several advantages that are especially attractive to families and young couples: it’s a great investment, you can incorporate the newest technology into your home and you have more freedom to customize your perfect home. A new construction home is also a great investment because its value can only appreciate as time goes on due to new energy efficient building techniques and the growing economy in Alaska.

    When looking for a home in Alaska, there is a lot to choose from. The strong military presence and the migration of several industries and businesses means there is more opportunity than ever.


    What Comes With A New Construction Home?

    • Newer homes usually encompass a more contemporary design.
    • Very often you can be part of the design process and choose amenities and upgrades that are specific to your tastes and lifestyle.
    • New appliances and construction means it is cheaper to maintain, you won’t have to worry about things breaking all the time, and get to enjoy what modern building codes bring: peak energy efficiency and stability.
    • If anything does break, a newer home will be under warranty, making it cheaper and easier to fix.
    • You’ll save money not just on warranties, but on heating and cooling your home (a big plus in the extended winter season in Alaska) due to modern energy efficiency.
    • Easier resale: a great bonus for military families who will need to recoup their investment sometimes in just a few years.

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