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    Welcome to South Anchorage, AK

    Nestled in the northernmost city in the U.S., South Anchorage offers everything anyone could want from city life and even more from the great outdoors. After all, much of the city limits contain nothing, but untamed wilderness and mountains. That doesn’t mean, however, that city life doesn’t offer extensive options of great restaurantsmuseums and shopping centers. South Anchorage is a quiet, spread-out part of town – perfect for growing families, young professionals and couples.

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    Public Transportation: Moving People

    It’s easy to get around town, thanks to Anchorage’s extensive public transportation system.

    • The People Mover bus system has more than 40 years of experience getting Anchorage residents where they need to go. It’s easy to make transfers and travel to the far reaches of Anchorage’s urban landscape.
    • The city’s AnchorRIDES Senior Transportation Program recently expanded service hours to accommodate both early risers and night owls. Trips within the Core service area are $3.50. Trips to and from healthcare facilities and pharmacies are donation-only.
    • The Share-A-Ride program helps reduce road congestion and pollution by encouraging people to drive together. Share-A-Ride offers services to commuters and employers in addition to promoting vanpooling, carpooling, biking and walking.


    South Anchorage’s Real Estate Market

    If you appreciate space, you’ll be at home in South Anchorage. When it comes to real estate, there’s a little something for every budget and family size. Empty lots are affordable, leaving buyers plenty of opportunity to build a home customized to their needs. Condos are not as plentiful, but there are still several good options available. Many offer three- and four-bedroom spaces. Cozy single-family homes, from one to four bedrooms, are very common. Families who require more space can expect to find the most options here in South Anchorage. Spacious, modern homes with three or more bedrooms populate the neighborhood providing growing families room to grow.


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    You’ll Enjoy: Winter Adventure, Urban Amenities and Endless Outdoor Activities

    • Dining: Alaska’s world-famous fresh seafood is a mainstay at local restaurants. Enjoy local catches that include Alaska king crab, halibut, wild Alaska salmon and succulent cold-water Kachemak Bay oysters.
    • Fun in the Sun: When summer arrives, locals head outside to enjoy 300 miles of hiking and biking trails. Sport fishermen head out to catch the biggest king salmon while farmers take advantage of the midnight sun to cultivate large summer harvests.
    • Brown and Black Bear Watching: Alaska’s polar bears live far north of Anchorage, but both black and brown bears peruse the area as they fish for salmon.
    • Winter Adventure: Take advantage of mild temperatures, local mountain ranges and plenty of snow to truly experience the great outdoors. Anchorage offers dog sleddingecotourismice climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and northern lights like you never imagined possible.
    • A Bit of Refinement: Anchorage is in no way short of arts, culture and entertainment. Enjoy an array of outdoor festivals, cultural events and onstage acts. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate both spectator events and all-out competitions while art enthusiasts can hit up Anchorage’s museum scene.


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    The Lifestyle: A Modern Outdoor Enthusiast’s Paradise

    Once the final frontier, South Anchorage has shaped into a bustling, modern city. Still, unlike in many modern cities, there’s plenty of room to spread out. This Anchorage neighborhood is hidden away from the bustle of north Anchorage, which serves as the urban downtown center. It’s close enough for residents to enjoy all the culture that comes with living in a big town, but far enough away to allow for a certain calm.

    There’s a little something for everyone in Anchorage, no matter where they happen to be in life. Active singles can mingle in the great outdoors or at downtown happy hours. Parents can send their kids to great schools, teach them to mountain bike and enjoy family fishing trips. Commuters can get wherever they need to go using Anchorage’s world-class transportation system. There really is something for every type of resident.


    The Workforce: Forging Ahead

    As you may expect, the oil and gas sector make up a big part of Alaska’s workforce. Plenty of fishermen make a good living here as the Alaskanseafood industry flourishes. Healthcare workers will also find plenty of opportunity in the biggest state in the U.S.

    Since moving to Alaska tends to be the dream of many, the Alaska Department of Labor strongly recommends that anyone interested in moving to the state do their homework before making the leap. The ADL also points out that Anchorage, the state’s largest city, offers the most job openings and a reasonable cost of living.


    Why Live Here: An Extraordinary Way of Life

    This city offers a unique kind of atmosphere. Not many people can say they’ve harvested their backyard garden crops at 11p.m. Anchorage residents, however, take advantage of the summer midnight sun to facilitate a lifestyle unique to this town. Athletes have plenty of room to run – and they may even see a moose or bear on their outing. Some residents have been known to take a fishing pole to work so they can spend their lunch hour casting away.When it comes to dual adventure and luxury, you can’t do much better than South Anchorage.