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    Welcome to Wasilla, AK

    Wasilla, which is located in the Matanuska-Susitna area, is the sixth largest city in the state of Alaska. With a smaller population than its larger Alaskan counterparts, Wasilla is the largest city located in the area and is also considered a part of the Anchorage metropolitan area. However, it is still small enough to retain its community-like atmosphere and rustic charm.

    For those professionals who prefer living outside of the city or are looking for larger acreages for the raising of a family, Wasilla is perfect because of its proximity to Anchorage. Although there is a wide range of employment options within the city of Wasilla itself, almost 35 percent of the residents commute to work in Anchorage, making Wasilla a popular satellite community for professionals. This status was only strengthened in the mid-70s when the Parks Highway was built, helping to reduce the time it takes to travel to Anchorage by a substantial amount.
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    Public Transportation: Easy Accessibility

    Residents of Wasilla drive to get around for the most part, but the many highways make driving to the communities around Wasilla or to Anchorage very convenient. Wasilla is connected to Anchorage as well as communities located on the Kenai Peninsula by way of The George Parks Highway and the Glenn Highway. The George Parks Highway also connects to the Matanuska Valley and stretches north towards the rest of Alaska as well as Canada.

    The Wasilla Airport makes it easy for residents to travel longer distances. There are also eight seaplane bases located on the lakes in the area that the public can make use of. Those who would rather remain on the ground also have access to the Alaska Railroad.


    Wasilla’s Real Estate Market

    There is no shortage of single-family homes around Wasilla, built in a variety of different styles. Architecture in the area includes ranch-style homes, cabins, contemporary-style homes and more. There are also a large number of condos and luxury properties in this town. Many of the homes in Wasilla are located in communities near the major roadways, making accessibility to surrounding communities or Anchorage relatively convenient. However, the expansive spaces surrounding Wasilla makes it easy to find property on a large piece of land if you’re looking for a more private location to live as well.


    Distinguished Schools in Wasilla

    There are also a number of colleges in and around Wasilla. The Charter College is located roughly six miles away, while a number of universities are located in nearby Anchorage, including the University of Alaska, the Alaska Pacific University and the University of Alaska, Anchorage.


    You’ll Enjoy: Outdoor Recreation

    Alaska is known for its scenic beauty, and the city of Wasilla is no exception. There are plenty of places in and around town where you can enjoy outdoor recreational activities throughout the year. During the summers, hiking, horseback riding and biking are all popular activities while during the winter snowmobiling, dog sledding and skiing take their place. Wasilla is also known as a premier location for still-water fishing and camping, attracting thousands of visitors every year to the incredible campgrounds around the Wasilla area as well as the thousands of lakes.

    • The Independence Mine State Historical Park: This historical mine is what drew many of Alaska’s first residents to the state in what was a major gold rush. Here, you’ll be able to explore and learn about one of the largest gold mining camps of Alaska by taking a tour through mine camp as well as Mine Mangers’s House.
    • The Nancy Lakes Recreation Area: There aren’t many flat lake-filled landscapes preserved for recreational purposes in Alaska, but The Nancy Lakes Recreation Area is one of them. This is one of the best spots in the state to go fishing, camping, hiking, cross-country skiing or dog mushing while enjoying some of the clearest lakes and beautiful unspoiled forests you’ll ever see.
    • The Settlers Bay Golf Course: Located only eight miles outside of Wasilla, The Settlers Bay Golf Course is an 18-hole Championship Golf Course well worth the time of any golf enthusiast. Spend a weekend day teeing off on a course that boasts absolutely stunning views of the Chugach Mountain Range and where you’ll catch sight of some of the exotic native wildlife as well.
    • The Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race: One of the most famous races in the world, The Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race is a course in which mushers and their dog sled teams cross more than 1,100 miles of frozen terrain from Anchorage to Nome, passing through Wasilla on their way.
    • The Iron Dog Race: The Iron Dog Race, which begins in Wasilla, is a 1,000 mile snowmobile race, making it the longest annual snowmobile race in the entire world.

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    The Lifestyle: Be Part of a Peaceful Outdoor Community

    The lifestyle in Wasilla can be best described as a peaceful one influenced by the awe-inducing scenes of the surrounding Alaska wildlife. There are a ton of outdoor activities that residents of Wasilla enjoy taking part in, giving the community an atmosphere that is a direct contrast from the hustle and bustle of the nearby capital. This is a great place to raise a family, something that most residents of Wasilla will agree with – roughly half of the population has children.


    The Workforce: A City of Commuters and Local Business Owners

    The ease of access to Anchorage has led to many of the residents in Wasilla to find employment in Anchorage. In fact, many people working Anchorage actually relocate to Wasilla because of the increased amount of space and ability to commute. The construction of the highways leading directly into Anchorage also happened to encourage the growth of Wasilla as a satellite bedroom community. However, even though a large portion of Wasilla’s residents commute to work in Anchorage, there are still plenty of employment opportunities within the city of Wasilla as well. Some of the larger industries in Wasilla include construction, retail trade, public administration, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction.


    Why Live Here: The Perfect Family Community

    As a town filled with families, Wasilla is the ideal close-knit community. The community-atmosphere and beautiful outdoor surroundings lends itself perfectly to raising a family and the easy access and short commute to Anchorage means you won’t have to choose between your career and the perfect place to raise a family.