Home Selling Frequently Asked Questions

    Selling a home doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Yes, there will be lots of people going through your home. Your schedule and day-to-day routine may be interrupted to accommodate showings. You may also face the pressure of having to get a fast sale so you can move forward with your own home purchase. But with some careful planning and preparation, you can navigate all of these challenges and get your home sold in a timely manner. My clients often ask me what they should expect or what they can do to help the process along. Here’s how I often answer those questions:

    Selling a Home in Anchorage AK

    How can I help the sales process?

    You actually play a major role in the sales process. It’s your responsibility to make sure the home is ready for all viewings. You’ll need to keep the house clean and perform any necessary repairs or cosmetic fixes. You should also make sure all pets and animals are secure before showings.

    Also, it’s not just the inside of the house that’s important. In Anchorage, buyers are often looking at the yard and outdoor property just as much as the living space. Make sure it’s kept in good condition.

    What’s the biggest factor to getting my house sold?

    There are a number of factors that are important. The cleanliness and overall appeal is a big factor. Location is also important, although this can vary from buyer to buyer.

    The absolute biggest factor, though, is price. Buyers expect certain things for certain dollar amounts. If your house is priced significantly above comparable listings, buyers will expect something that justifies that extra price, like more space or an above-average backyard.

    On the other hand, if your house is priced far below the comparable properties, it could sell fast, but you could leave a lot of money on the table. It’s important to take the time to find the right price point.

    How can I determine what my house is worth?

    It depends on your home’s condition, location, and property size. Your home’s value also depends on how comparable properties around you have been selling. A comprehensive price analysis can help you find the most appropriate price point. If you would like to gather a quick and free home valuation, e-mail us at hello@searchyouralaskahome.com

    Should I renovate before I list my home?

    It depends on what you’re renovating. If your home needs repairs, then you should absolutely try and repair them before it’s listed. Otherwise, the buyer will likely just negotiate the cost of those repairs into the purchase price.¬†However, if you are looking to add value we can consult about which renovations will strategically add additional investment power in your home.

    What else can I do to get my house ready?

    Oftentimes having to show your house or price your home differently than you expected has the potential to be upsetting.¬†However, it’s important to remember that showings are a good thing and strategic pricing goes a long way. The more you remove your emotions from the equation the more you can treat your home sale as exactly what it is, a property that needs to be sold. We can help you every step of the way in order to get the most return on your investment.