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    How to Make a Great Impression on Anchorage AK Homebuyers

    With buyer demand still high and a fewer number of homes for sale than there have been in past year, it is a great time to consider listing your Anchorage AK home! However, that is if the property is ready to hit the market. Listing your home when the property is not ready to put its best foot forward could cause the buyers in the market to pass and the home to “sit” on the market longer than necessary.

    As your local real estate experts, you can count on Northern Edge Real Estate to help you make a great impression on Anchorage area buyers from the beginning, setting you up for a quick and profitable sale. Consider the following ways you can pique buyer interests as you sell your Alaska home:

    Clean up
    Alaska buyers will not be intrigued by a cluttered home, nor will they want to explore if the property’s exterior is not properly cared for. Take the time to clean up both indoors and out— paying close attention to eliminating clutter, putting away knick knacks, storing mail, and giving the exterior a spruce. Whether that means trimming overgrown landscaping or finally replacing that rusty mailbox, buyers will take notice!

    Make repairs
    You may have forgotten about that leaky faucet in the upstairs bathroom, but buyers will not. It is key to make the repairs your home needs prior to putting the property on the market. That includes faulty light switches, hinges, bulbs, even caulk in the kitchen and bathrooms. If you avoid making repairs, buyers will always learn about them during the inspection and you could risk having to re-negotiate a lower selling price to include the cost of fixing them.

    One expert tip to allow Alaska buyers to envision themselves living in your home is to remove family photos and personal decor. De-personalizing the property can ensure buyers do not get distracted by who is living in the home. But don’t go overboard! Removing too much can cause the spaces to lack that warmth that evokes feelings of home.

    Choose the right agent
    You can do your part to prepare your property to wow buyers in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley, but choosing the right real estate agent will finish the job. The right agent will know how to market the property to the right buyers, create a buzz and get it the stage time it needs. Northern Edge Real Estate has helped numerous sellers find success and we are here to help you do the same!

    Contact us today for more information about selling your Alaska home! We look forward to hearing from you!

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