“NET” Sales Team Model


    What is TEAM in real estate …or small business for that matter? Many lively discussions have been generated around this topic. For the Northern Edge Real Estate Sales Team, it is simply defined as support and service to both our team members and our clients.


    Economies of scale best describe the “NET” concept. As the team grows and becomes more efficient, we can take advantage of best in class systems and hire best in class transactional leverage while continually decreasing our expense ratio. Put simply, through efficiency and growth, our team members take home more money per sale while enjoying the opportunity of being focused on dollar-producing activities, not bogged down by transaction and business management.


    Like many sales teams, we believe in specialization to better support our clients. Where we differ from most teams is in sales specialization. We believe in relationship-selling, vice transactional sales. As a result, we develop and cultivate support infrastructure focused on helping our sales team members to manage their relationships while leveraging the transactional work to specialists. Our sales team members are encouraged to LIST and SELL (if they choose) in any function or market where they can provide professional service. When faced with an opportunity in a market or function they are not comfortable with, we encourage referrals and teamwork.

    We expect professional client representation and we SERVE our sales team members with best in class, professional support infrastructure. We are dedicated to our commitment to SERVE our sales team members. Your business is your database. At Northern Edge Real Estate, we help you develop a business that lasts and most importantly, we understand that business is yours.

    Need help finding the right environment for you in the Anchorage, Wasilla, and the surrounding Mat-Su Valley real estate markets? Northern Edge Real Estate is here for you! Give us a call today for more information about how our unique sales team model can SERVE you.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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