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    Staging Your Anchorage AK Home for the Holidays

    pinetree-1149893_960_720Living in Alaska, we are no strangers to snow or the magic that winter weather tends to bring. But did you know that the cozy feelings ushered in by the winter and of course, the holiday season, can actually play to your favor as a home seller? It’s true! Homes tend to show better during the holidays and if you stage accordingly, you can spark the interest of the buyers present in today’s real estate market.

    Below we have included several tips for staging your Anchorage AK area home for the holidays. And when in doubt, just remember to keep it simple!

    Decide on a color scheme
    As you decorate for the holidays, especially if you plan to list your home during this time, you will want to decide on a color scheme and stick to it. For instance, a monochromatic color scheme on the tree—metallics, reds or greens— helps to keep the decor uniform and feeling consistent— which buyers love. By including every color of the rainbow in your holiday decor, things can start to feel busy and disorganized.

    Highlight the focal points
    Do you have a fireplace in your Anchorage, Chugiak, Wasilla or Mat-Su Valley home? Don’t be afraid to make it stand out! Fireplaces and other focal points like picture windows can be a major selling point for buyers, so consider draping garland on the mantel or around the window frame. Keep the decor simple around these areas as you want them to speak for themselves without being covered up.

    Go light on outdoor displays
    If you’re planning to sell your home during the winter months, skipping the inflatable displays is not a bad idea. In fact, these outlandish holiday decor items can actually deter buyers from making their way inside. Instead, opt for string lights around your entryway or to accentuate the beautiful fir trees you have in the yard.

    Set the table
    Evoke cozy holiday feelings in Alaska buyers this season by setting the table! Many holiday gatherings take place around a meal with friends and family, so why not play up the entertaining angle of your home? Place a simple, fresh garland as a table runner or add single candlesticks down the center for an elegant look.

    Turn up the heat
    We know how temperatures can dip this time of year in Alaska, so don’t be afraid to turn up the thermostat! Not only will this create an inviting atmosphere for buyers, but the more comfortable they are, the longer they will stay in your home to explore. If you can, light a fire to make it extra toasty!

    Our team at Northern Edge Real Estate is always available to provide more information on staging your home successfully, homes available in Anchorage and the surrounding Mat-Su Valley, and other tips for accomplishing your real estate goals this year.

    Give us a call today!

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