When looking for the right real estate TEAM model in Alaska, look for a company that SERVES your vision. Northern Edge Real Estate is a locally-owned, homegrown company that strives to be the team model of choice for business-minded real estate professionals.

    You can count on Northern Edge Real Estate to make you a part of the company vision while supporting the TEAM sales model of the future.


    1. Shared Experiences
    Our Realtors come from all walks of life and have served many clients with unique situations. Through the power of TEAM, our Realtors find solutions through each other’s experiences.

    2. Shared Expenses
    One of the hardest parts of starting your career in real estate is the cost of starting. NERE already has everything you need to get started, aside from various licensing fees. All you need to bring is your contact list.

    3. Culture
    Rather than depending on yourself or a broker when you fall in the business, there is group of people who are there to catch you. You don’t have to worry about the strength of a single line because you know there’s a net below.

    4. Work Space
    There is ample workspace for anyone that needs a place. Rather than building an office at home or paying for an office at your brokerage, set up shop at the office.

    5. Systems
    There is a great system in place that keeps us efficient and allows us to spend our time starting new relationships or building up the ones we already have. NERE allows you to leverage the most valuable thing on this earth— time.

    6. Structured Education
    The learning curve has been greatly shortened with the SHARP program. Because of the resources available, you will never again have to ask someone, “Now what?” Some brokerages teach you how to ask for the sale or referral. They may even teach you how to handle objections. NERE teaches you how to sell a home too.

    7. Science-Based Sales
    If you have ever been asked to do something but didn’t understand the purpose behind it, you’ve asked yourself why. Often enough, we are met with the frustrating answer “because” or “that’s just the way we do it and have always done it.” Everything we are taught to do has a valid and proven method that we can see. No guessing, no frustration. The numbers and studies are there to back it up.

    8. Business Beyond the Sale
    We are not only taught how to be successful in the sale, but also how to run your business as a tight ship. Taxes, business expenses, and personal bills are all line items that have to be accounted for before a single dollar is spent. Only you decide how to spend your money, but lessons at NERE can provide insight before you are bitten in your hindsight.

    9. Creative License
    Not every home buyer or seller is the same. In fact, you’re likely to find that not one interaction is duplicated in your career. This is why NERE supports creativity and encourages imaginative market. Of course, coming up with inventive ways to brand yourself shouldn’t be confused with the shiny new ways to give away your money. We’re always welcome to pitch our ideas as long as we are being brilliant on the basics.

    10. Share Marketing 
    Not to be confused with market sharing! Marketing and getting your name out there is a difficult task since there are hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals already advertising on every platform available. But don’t worry— NERE has marketing and local branding covered. Since NERE generates the leads, you only need to concentrate on learning the systems, lead management, and obviously, how to sell a house.

    If you have questions about Northern Edge Real Estate‘s unique TEAM model, give us a call today! We’re always looking to grow with business-minded professionals.

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