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    What You Should Know About Pricing Your Anchorage AK Home

    money-1604921_960_720When you decide to sell your home in Anchorage or the surrounding Mat-Su Valley, there are many tasks you’ll need to tackle. From making necessary repairs to creating a neutral and inviting palette for buyers, your to-do list may seem like it grows every day. However, there is one more important factor that will affect the success of your home sale in Alaska— pricing!

    It is imperative to find the best price for your Alaskan home from the very beginning or you could risk homebuyers being turned off or passing over your property entirely. Below are three important aspects to research as you prepare to price your Anchorage, Chugiak, Wasilla or Mat-Su Valley home:

    Recent comparables
    You are likely well aware that the real estate market is ever-changing. That means AK homes that sold for a certain price last year may not secure that same price under current market conditions. So how do you gauge what properties are going for now? Take a look at recent comps in the area to help you determine the potential of your home. Your real estate agent can assist you in making a list of homes that have recently sold around yours and for how much.

    Just keep in mind, you’ll want to look over comps from the past three months to get a good idea of how the market is behaving. If you go any farther back, the sales will reflect a much different market.

    Your fixtures and finishes
    While you may think these are just cosmetic, fixtures and finishes do make a difference when it comes to home value and the amount at which you can list your Alaskan home. Buyers today are looking for updated properties that are move-in ready and if your light fixtures reflect the decades-old era in which your home was built, they may decide to move on to the next property. If you’re able, you may like to make a few of these inexpensive updates before listing your Anchorage area home this spring.

    Market niches and traits
    School districts, square footage, age, location and even bedroom counts make all the difference when it comes to pricing a home in Alaska. Homes located within desirable school districts will be priced higher than those near a busy intersection, for instance. As you look into pricing your property, you will want to consider every trait of your home when weighing it against the other comps in the area. No two homes are exactly alike!

    It is key to keep an open mind when determining your pricing strategy this year— in addition to listening to your real estate agent! Remember, they know the market and what buyers are looking for in a property, so be sure to factor their advice into your pricing decision.

    As always, if you have any questions about selling your Alaskan home or your home value, do not hesitate to reach out to Northern Edge Real Estate! We’ve helped numerous sellers find success and move on to their next dream home and we’re here to help you do the same.

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