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    Why We Ask For Your Information To Browse Homes In Alaska

    question-mark-1236555If you happen to browse listings on our website, you may have noticed that you are prompted to fill in a few details about yourself to unlock complete access. We ask for your name, email address and phone number as the small price of admission to search all homes in Anchorage and the surrounding Mat-Su Valley. But as we have received many questions from potential Alaska buyers wondering why, we wanted to take the opportunity to explain what’s in it for you.

    Why Enter Your Information?

    When you sign up for an account with Northern Edge Real Estate, you are given complete access to browse homes in the area and one of our experienced agents will reach out to answer any questions or provide more information. We understand that you may not be ready to buy a home tomorrow and that’s fine! We are looking to gather these three details so you can let us know who you are and how you prefer to be communicated with. We aim for our website to act as a conduit to a professional relationship and while it may not be for everyone, we’re OK with that.

    Us Versus Zillow and Trulia

    Now, sure, you can quickly “Google” the address to give the home a once-over or you can sign up with other websites like Zillow or Trulia. However, know that when you sign up with Zillow or Trulia or a similar real estate website, your information is then distributed and you may be contacted by as many as 10 agents. With Northern Edge Real Estate, we assure you only one agent from our team will reach out and you can let us know your specific situation— whether that be “just looking, ready to buy now or thinking about buying in the next few months,” in addition to how you would prefer we stay in touch. Our agents are real people and all we want to know is that you are too.

    We Keep Our Listings Fresh 

    On another note, listings that are found on websites like Zillow and Trulia may no longer be active. These listings are not updated as often and may have sold weeks ago. We work hard to keep our listings as fresh as possible, replicating to the MLS server every 30 minutes, and let you know when a home is no longer on the market. In fact, during the busy summer season, as many as 40 percent of calls some of our agents receive are about homes found on Zillow and Trulia that are no longer available. You enter your information once and you have access to all active listings on the Alaskan real estate market from a local team with dedicated agents. That’s it, one sign up, one time, one agent.

    It’s About Relationships

    When you sign up for an account with us, you are getting so much more than the typical Zillow or Trulia experience. You are being connected to a local Alaska real estate team that is invested in its clients. We spend a considerable amount of time and money on our web presence and look forward to building a relationship with you—many times over a year or more—not to mention providing the local communities with more than the other generic listing sites.

    We Provide A Resource

    You are also free to use us as a resource! We know the market, we know what homes are available in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley, we will take your wants and needs wish list and find the best match as well as provide comparable listings to ensure you get the best price. We also have experience in helping military families find a place to call home! We are happy to provide information for you and set up times to look at properties, in addition to providing our Exclusive Northern Edge Real Estate Market Report. It all starts with this first step on our website and if it’s not for you, we won’t take it personally.

    The Bottom Line

    So, to sum it all up— it’s a small price to pay for the many benefits our Alaskan team can provide over the big, generic listing sites. We pay for this website as a means of providing excellent service to our clients, we put in the time and effort of staying ahead of the curve and when it comes down to it, what you’re doing is simply letting us know who you are.


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