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    Selling a Home in Alaska

    Selling your home has the potential to be a daunting task. However, since Alaska’s real estate market has been booming over the past few years with the proper preparation, your sale should be much easier than anticipated. The market in Alaska has seen prices rise over the last decade and property values skyrocket compared to a national scale. But what does all this mean?

    If you are looking to sell your home due to military relocation, general relocation, downsizing, upsizing or anywhere in between we are here to help. As past military members and now business owners, we understand the importance of handling a move and your investments wisely. Sometimes you are under a time crunch when it comes time to relocate or there is always a worry that you won’t be able to recoup on your investment. Set these worries aside because we know how to handle a wide range of sales and relocation situations.

    Primarily you need to establish a timeline and after that timeline is understood we can begin to put your home’s sale into motion. We can help you set the right price which will both sell your home quickly and deliver on your investment, stage your home if necessary and manage showings in order to garner your property enough foot traffic. But in the end, one of the keys to our sale is our website. With over 90% of people searching for homes on the internet, showcasing your property in its best light online is vital. Our website is not only extremely user friendly, but the available search tools and features allow buyers to narrow down their search to precisely what they want.

    Ready to sell your home? Take advantage of our resources below or contact us for more information and let us take the complication our of selling your home.

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    Selling Your Home
    Selling Your Home
    Selling Your Home